Cycle for Life!

One in three people in the western world will suffer some kind of cancer in their lifetime. That in itself is a frightening statistic, but imagine if it was you or a loved one, and the country you live in, didn’t speak your main language. Scary indeed.

In 2002, Cancer Support France (CSF) was set-up to help people in exactly that situation, offering both emotional and practical help.

From Boat to Baguette

We first got to know Hettie when she found us on Google searching for advice for Australians in France. What we didn’t know at the time is that she is also a published author. We asked her about her latest book “From Boat to Baguette” and her desire to create a new ‘vie francaise’ in northern France.

Wall Street joins rally after French vote

Bob Hendry is a financial adviser with DeVere-France, a business that aims to support expats by creating, growing and safeguarding their wealth wherever they may live.  Bob lives and works in the southwest of Occitanie and has lived in France for over 10 years. Prior to moving to France, he was a business financial consultant for 13 years in the UK. His role then was just as it is now, to provide sound, professional financial advice. Bob prides himself in really listening to his clients’ needs and then providing the best solutions for them.  In this article and from a financial perspective, he gives a reaction to the results of the first round of voting in ‘Les Présidentielles’.