Renestance Seminar & Tours

10-14 October 2020
South of France (Montpellier)

Whether you’re already living in France or still dreaming of it, our full-day seminar will cover all the key information needed to make your vie Française a success!


Registrations are  now opened !

Live out your French dream

Thinking about building a new nest in France but don’t know where to start? Is it even the right plan for you? This questionnaire can help you in your contemplation.

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We regularly post new articles about various subjects pertaining to living in France: finances, health, language.

Stay informed and get some insiders tips in the process!

Already in France? So are we!

Whether you need bilingual assistance with administrative issues or a larger project, Renestance’s renesting experts can help you.

"La belle vie!"

Renestance makes it easy
Our team of bilingual experts have been living the French dream for decades. Let us help you bring all the elements together so you can, too.

Renestance – Your Swiss Army knife for settling into French life.

Wherever you are in the process

Renestance has the savoir-faire and connections to help


Wondering about moving to France?

We can provide tailored research and advice to help you determine whether your dream can turn into reality.

Try our custom Migration Consultation. Let us help you plan a Regional Reconnaissance* trip.

*Available in Occitanie for now. More regions to come.

Planning the dream

You’ve decided to take the leap? We can help with your next steps, like fulfilling visa requirements and taking off with peace of mind. Benefit from personal consulting or liaison work on the ground in France with our Lifeline Support service.

If you’ll be landing in the Languedoc area, we can help you find housing or provide you with the complete New Nest settling-in package.

Living the dream

Are you already living in France? If you need some help with a large project, like starting a business or moving house, our bilingual team can provide support to ease the process.

We can also assist with the famous French bureaucracy, whether you’re applying for a Carte Vitale, exchanging a driver’s license, or renewing your residency permit. Check out the Information and Assistance pages to see how we can help you.

Renestance can guide you

At each stage, you need access to Information, Assistance, and Community

Need answers to your burning questions?

Renestance has done the digging and written up the answers for you. We regularly report on information that affects you – tips and tricks for daily life in France, health, housing, cultural events, expat life, legal/fiscal changes in France, learning French, etc.

Consult our blog or e-books in the NEW SHOP.

Sit back and relax while the experienced Renestance team steps in. Get individual consulting or assistance with French administration anywhere in France. We can consult on a wide variety of subjects like making the move, cost of living, real estate, language learning, French culture, pursuing your passions, and making social connections.

Hire us for house-hunting and regional discovery in the Languedoc area.

You don’t have to do it alone. Join the community of English-speakers in France – learn from their mistakes and make some new friends.

Tap into Renestance’s partner network of reliable professionals who speak your language.

Cycling in Languedoc

Languedoc is a region of vast diversity, both culturally and geographically, with a long, rich history. More importantly for the cyclist, though, the region is endowed with thousands of kilometers of quiet sun-kissed roads that make cycling in Languedoc such a pleasure.

Brexit Webinars Replays

Are you dreaming of a new life in France but concerned about:

  • Establishing residency before the Withdrawal Agreement deadline of 31/12/2020?
  • Finding housing in France with the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • Understanding what healthcare and financial support you’ll be entitled to in France once Britain leaves the EU?

These are all valid concerns, but they should certainly not put you off your dream of moving to France! Renestance wants to help make your dream a reality, so we’ve put together the Renesting in France – Brexit Edition Webinar series on quick order, especially for you! This series provides you with key information so you can act whilst Britons’ rights are still covered via the Withdrawal Agreement.

From New York to the South of France

On 9 May, Dennelle was featured in a TF1 documentary on French TV following the journey of 3 different families as they relocate to France.

Renesting in France – Brexit Edition

Are you dreaming of a new life in France but concerned about the Brexit deadline to establish residency? Have you already started a property search that has been curtailed due to the COVID-19 pandemic? Are you concerned about healthcare and financial support once Britain leaves the EU?

Renestance wants to help make your dreams a reality, so we’ve put together the Renesting in France – Brexit Edition Webinar series on quick order especially for you!

Tax Declarations in France 2020

IT’S TAX TIME AGAIN IN FRANCE! Do you need to file?

Yep – Springtime in France brings warm, sunny weather, green gardens – and taxes! We take this occasion every year to remind our community that if: 1) you are a French resident, or 2) you receive French income (eg, rental), you must file a French income tax declaration.

How to Order an Irish Passport from France

As we all know, there are many uncertainties surrounding Britain’s extraction from the EU. Unfortunately, it is now clear that Brexit will really happen, however many of us straddling life in France and the UK hoped it wouldn’t. This will have an effect on free movement in the EU for those of us holding a UK passport. We still don’t know whether having a French carte de séjour will mean we have to queue up in the ‘non-EU’ queue at passport control in airports and ferry ports.

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