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10-14 October 2020
South of France (Montpellier)

Whether you’re already living in France or still dreaming of it, our full-day seminar will cover all the key information needed to make your vie Française a success!


Registrations are  now opened !

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You’ve decided to take the leap? We can help with your next steps, like fulfilling visa requirements and taking off with peace of mind. Benefit from personal consulting or liaison work on the ground in France with our Lifeline Support service.

If you’ll be landing in the Languedoc area, we can help you find housing or provide you with the complete New Nest settling-in package.

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Are you already living in France? If you need some help with a large project, like starting a business or moving house, our bilingual team can provide support to ease the process.

We can also assist with the famous French bureaucracy, whether you’re applying for a Carte Vitale, exchanging a driver’s license, or renewing your residency permit. Check out the Information and Assistance pages to see how we can help you.

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Sit back and relax while the experienced Renestance team steps in. Get individual consulting or assistance with French administration anywhere in France. We can consult on a wide variety of subjects like making the move, cost of living, real estate, language learning, French culture, pursuing your passions, and making social connections.

Hire us for house-hunting and regional discovery in the Languedoc area.

You don’t have to do it alone. Join the community of English-speakers in France – learn from their mistakes and make some new friends.

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Self-employment in France: Registering as a Micro-Entrepreneur [UPDATED for 2020]

Would you like to run your own business in France? Did you move here to escape the 9-to-5 but still want your own social security number? Do you have a job but have an idea for an exciting side project in France? Registering as a Micro-Entrepreneur could be your next best move.

The Beauty of Southern French Fountains

Gazing out of a window during a yoga class in Aix-en-Provence, I noticed a mural depicting a stone well. The picture looked like it was from a children’s story book — wells like this don’t exist in my country, Australia. Yet in France they are real — and we see many quaint water features in almost every village and town in southern France. There are moss covered fountains in village squares, surrounded by plane trees, and small fountains and lavoirs in side streets. And I wondered — is there an interesting history behind the development of the fountain in France?

8 Technology Tips That Will Ease Your Life in France

Moving overseas, where nothing around you is familiar, can be overwhelming and lead to culture shock. Fortunately, technology can help you overcome many of the difficulties you may face during the ‘renesting’ process.

I know some of you find technology quite intimidating on its own, but I guarantee you it will enable you to settle smoothly into your new French nest. Believe me, I married a French tech wizard, and it definitely changed my life for the better (alright… it might not have been the only reason!).

So before you sell your furniture and buy a one-way ticket to the sunny South of France, take a few minutes to read these 8 tips.

The Renestance Guide to French Cheese

If there’s one thing we know from feedback on our Facebook page – French cheese is a popular topic! There are entire websites dedicated to the stuff, and according to Wikipedia there are 1600 distinct types of French cheese grouped into eight categories!

Here we thought we’d highlight a couple of useful tips for enjoying a cheese board – French style.

La Baguette: Central to French Life

There are a few icons that immediately identify as ‘French’ and one of those is most certainly a baguette! A stick of baked dough is at the very heart of the national culture: France has the highest density of bakeries in the world, and approximately ten million baguettes are sold in France every year.

Happy New Year From Renestance!

A year and a decade in the rear view…

When you look ahead to the New Year, and in this case a new decade*, it’s tempting to leave the past behind. Especially with a year like 2019, which seemed quite challenging for many people (holding my hand up!). But if you keep moving forward without taking a moment to look back, you’ll miss out on the opportunity to celebrate successes and learn from the rest. Reflecting upon the past year also highlights what you can be grateful for.

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