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Thinking about building a new nest in France but don’t know where to start? Is it even the right plan for you? This questionnaire can help you in your contemplation.

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We can provide tailored research and advice to help you determine whether your dream can turn into reality.

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Planning the dream

You’ve decided to take the leap? We can help with your next steps, like fulfilling visa requirements and taking off with peace of mind. Benefit from personal consulting or liaison work on the ground in France with our Lifeline Support service.

If you’ll be landing in the Languedoc area, we can help you find housing or provide you with the complete New Nest settling-in package.

Living the dream

Are you already living in France? If you need some help with a large project, like starting a business or moving house, our bilingual team can provide support to ease the process.

We can also assist with the famous French bureaucracy, whether you’re applying for a Carte Vitale, exchanging a driver’s license, or renewing your residency permit. Check out the Information and Assistance pages to see how we can help you.

Renestance can guide you

At each stage, you need access to Information, Assistance, and Community

Need answers to your burning questions?

Renestance has done the digging and written up the answers for you. We regularly report on information that affects you – tips and tricks for daily life in France, health, housing, cultural events, expat life, legal/fiscal changes in France, learning French, etc.

Consult our blog or e-books in the NEW SHOP.

Sit back and relax while the experienced Renestance team steps in. Get individual consulting or assistance with French administration anywhere in France. We can consult on a wide variety of subjects like making the move, cost of living, real estate, language learning, French culture, pursuing your passions, and making social connections.

Hire us for house-hunting and regional discovery in the Languedoc area.

You don’t have to do it alone. Join the community of English-speakers in France – learn from their mistakes and make some new friends.

Tap into Renestance’s partner network of reliable professionals who speak your language.

Surviving cancer in France

Last September, Cancer Support France (CSF) groups all across France organized “Activity for Life” events to raise awareness and funds for the national and regional charities. At Renestance, we know what a fantastic job CSF do helping English-speakers living in France and wanted to share a story from one of the many people they have helped.

Men’s Health in France – It’s Movember!

International Men’s Day (IMD) is November 19th each year. Celebrated in over 70 countries, one of the main objectives is focusing on men’s and boys’ health. A spin-off of IMD is called Movember, an annual event involving the growing of moustaches during the month of November to raise awareness of men’s health issues, such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and men’s suicide. So, in honor of Movember, in lieu of growing a moustache to show our support for Men’s health, we ladies thought we’d explore health as it pertains to men in France, with the goal of getting you some insider tips on how to stay healthy, as a monsieur, in the land of cheese, wine and pastries.

How Seniors Stay in Shape in France

Adding life to your years and years to your life.

It’s universal knowledge that good health means eating right, exercising and checking in with the doctor every so often. But as a senior, how do you stay in shape in a new country, despite its endless supply of croissants and full fat cheeses?

We sat down with French sports coach, researcher and professor, Gilles Toubon, who has worked with seniors for over 25 years and he gave us some tips on why and how to stay fit in France.

Everything to Know About Healthcare in France

Would you like to know more about healthcare in France besides it’s ‘the best in the world’? Are you moving to France and don’t know whether you need private insurance or can obtain French public Assurance Maladie? Whether you’re looking for information on different coverage options, hospital stays or French medical vocabulary, our comprehensive collection of ebooks can clarify it for you.

Join us for Paris Conference 23-25 October

From 23-25 October we are delighted to be participating in this year’s Live and Invest in France Conference in Paris. The event, organised by Kathleen Peddicord and her team, is an exclusive opportunity to get to know France in a way that’s simply not possible by many other means.

Renesting in France Seminar and Tours 2018

If you are thinking about investing in property in Languedoc, or wondering how to make your French dream life a reality – we have some very exciting news! On Friday 23 March 2018 the Renestance team will be hosting a seminar and events in and around Montpellier so you can get the low-down on all you need to know about living in this part of France, as an English-speaker.

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