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You’ve decided to take the leap? We can help with your next steps, like fulfilling visa requirements and taking off with peace of mind. Benefit from personal consulting or liaison work on the ground in France with our Lifeline Support service.

If you’ll be landing in the Languedoc area, we can help you find housing or provide you with the complete New Nest settling-in package.

Living the dream

Are you already living in France? If you need some help with a large project, like starting a business or moving house, our bilingual team can provide support to ease the process.

We can also assist with the famous French bureaucracy, whether you’re applying for a Carte Vitale, exchanging a driver’s license, or renewing your residency permit. Check out the Information and Assistance pages to see how we can help you.

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Renestance has done the digging and written up the answers for you. We regularly report on information that affects you – tips and tricks for daily life in France, health, housing, cultural events, expat life, legal/fiscal changes in France, learning French, etc.

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Sit back and relax while the experienced Renestance team steps in. Get individual consulting or assistance with French administration anywhere in France. We can consult on a wide variety of subjects like making the move, cost of living, real estate, language learning, French culture, pursuing your passions, and making social connections.

Hire us for house-hunting and regional discovery in the Languedoc area.

You don’t have to do it alone. Join the community of English-speakers in France – learn from their mistakes and make some new friends.

Tap into Renestance’s partner network of reliable professionals who speak your language.

Oh la Vache! and Other French Animal Phrases

At Renestance we don’t just love France, we love our animals too! In French conversation you’ll hear a number of phrases that include animal references – here are our top 10 favorites and their meanings.

CAF – Child Benefits in France

You probably already know France is a unique place. Whether for its culture, its variety of wines and cheeses, its convivial lifestyle and its beautiful locations, take your pick. But France is also quite unique for other things, such as its level of social welfare.

Muguet de Mai – A French Tradition

The 1st May is la Fête du Travail (Labor Day) – possibly the only public holiday in France where almost everything is closed for the day! On this date, it is French tradition for Muguet (Lily of the Valley) flowers, a symbol for the month of May, to be given to friends and loved ones.

Renting property in Montpellier

When you are looking to renest in France, chances are you will be a renter at some point. Even if you intend to purchase a home in France, unless you are already familiar with a location, we recommend renting before buying. Renestance has helped many people find their first rental in France, so here are a few insights to help you understand how rentals work here.

Micro-Entrepreneur? How to Declare Your Quarterly Social Charges

April marks the opening of the Micro-Entreprise social charges (cotisations sociales) declaration period for the first quarter of 2021.

Visas and Spending Time in France Post-Brexit

As we all know, the UK has completely left the European Union…so what are the implications for the British who have a second home in France, or wish to continue enjoying time in France?

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