Fractional Ownership: a Home for a Fraction of the Price

Does it feel as though your dream of owning a holiday home in France might remain just that – a dream? Do you fear your budget will not stretch far enough, or that you might not use the property enough to justify the expense? Maybe you’re unsure about the rentals market, and whether you’d cover a loan and running expenses through rental income. Or perhaps you’re unwilling to take on the hassle of managing property overseas?

Passport Renewal Tips While in France

One of the many benefits since the advent of the Internet is the ease with which we can now process our administrative tasks, such as passport renewals. Gone are the days of a long drive to your nearest passport center, armed with reams of paperwork, to stand in a long queue to be seen, followed by another long wait for your new passport to arrive. Of course, the physical visit is still an option in most cases, and remains a necessity in some. However these days, you can renew your passport, or at least start your application, directly online. This is good news if you live abroad!

13 French Things You Didn’t Know You Had to Translate

Lost in Traduction – Part 1

You know you’ll have to do a lot of translating when you go to a foreign country. We used to look like idiots flipping through little phrase books, but now our smartphones are bona fide interpreters waiting in our pockets. Before you are too relieved and complacent, however, there are several things the language app on your phone will not be able to translate for you in France.