Dennelle Taylor Nizoux

President & Founder

I’m a bilingual American, living in France full-time since 2000. I consider myself one of the luckiest people around, because I’d wanted to live in France since the age of 13. (Yes, there may have been a schoolgirl crush on a Swiss boy that kicked it all off.) Of course I jumped at the chance when my company offered me a position in Paris!

All of sudden, ten years flew by and I had a tall, dark and handsome French husband, a flat in Paris next to the Bois, and two gorgeous little Franco-Americans…I would not have even dared to dream of a life so perfect. Except it wasn’t really perfect, because life never is. Paris is a breath-taking city, but it’s a bit lacking in the UV department. In 2010, our family moved to sunnier days in the South of France, which reminds me a lot of my native California. Once again, I feel like I should pinch myself – I truly am living the dream!

During my 15 years with a global telecommunications company, I worked in areas as varied as Finance, Strategic Development, Marketing and Project Management. It was when researching the possibility of moving my parents over that I became interested in providing solutions to English-speaking retirees in France.

We created Renestance in 2015 and have since realized just how many people are looking for help moving to France…and how much help they need! To be able to address their housing requests in particular, I obtained a French Bachelors in Real Estate (Immobilier) in 2016 so that Renestance could act as a licensed house-hunter (Chasseur Immobilier).

If you have ever dreamed of living in France (like I did), Renestance is here to make it easier. Learn from our experience and enjoy the exceptional quality of life in France, without all the hassle.

Nicole Hammond

Renesting Expert

I am a bilingual Brit who has been living in the Languedoc region since 2002. I’m looking forward to making your life easier, providing useful information and personal assistance as Administrative Assistance Coordinator for Renestance. I have a wealth of experience of French life behind me, including seven years in real estate. Add to this several years of French-to-English translating, proofreading and Business English teaching experience (combining the skills learnt on my business degree and then TEFL course), and I have a great foundation of knowledge to work with.

Complementing my repertoire of French life experience, I have married and divorced in France, overseen three of my own property renovations, and now rent out my current family home for short term summer rentals, and my gîte (holiday cottage) for winter lets. After my daughter was born in 2006, I ran a cottage industry business for several years, renting baby and toddler equipment to holidaymakers in the region. Now that my daughter is steadily working her way through the French school system, I am back in the working saddle again!

I see myself as friendly and efficient, and I love my job! I’m ready and waiting to help remove the complexities of French administration so that you can relax and enjoy your life in France.

Jennifer Rowell-Gastard

Renesting Expert

A bilingual American who has lived and worked in France since 1998, I’m originally from rural Vermont. I lived in New York and Paris before settling in the South of France with my French husband and two little Franco-Americans.

With a background in international project coordination, non-profit management and teaching French and English as foreign languages, I’ve worked for both French and American companies. Today I’d define myself as an intercultural dot-connector and an active member of the community, volunteering for several charitable, cultural, educational and sports organizations.

Passionate about sharing my knowledge, I embrace every opportunity to show people how to fully immerse themselves in the language, culture and daily savoir-vivre. Whether it be food, wine, travel, politics, sports or art, I’ve adopted the French way of taking advantage of each new experience and encounter to learn, grow and enjoy life! I also have a few tricks up my sleeve when it comes to working with the infamous French bureaucracy.

I’m excited to lead you on stimulating and enriching adventures throughout the region, allowing you to discover all of the scenic, cultural and culinary wealth the real South of France has to offer.

Thalia Jacobs

Renesting Expert

Originally from the Flemish part of Belgium, I moved to the Languedoc in 2014 with my American husband, two dogs and a cat. Before taking the leap to France, I lived in Florida for 12 years where I worked for a global transportation company in different areas such as Project Management, Accounting, Sales Support and Human Resources.

Since we had to jump through all the French administration’s various hoops so that my husband could live and work in France legally, I know exactly what you are going through in trying to live your dream and I look forward to making it all a little easier for you!

Isabelle Martinez

Renesting Expert

Isabelle is French and originally from Paris. After leaving college she moved to the UK where she lived, worked and started a family.

After 20 years in the UK, Isabelle returned to France in 2014, and although fully bilingual found it hard to find a job. She returned to her studies and graduated in 2016 in a management role assisting companies.

She fully understands the challenges faced when trying to set-up a business in France and helps Renestance clients through the Micro Entrepreneur process.

Alexandre Nizoux

Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder

From age 9, when I met my first American friend at a hot air balloon fair, I’ve been interested in the English language and culture. Lucky enough to travel quite a lot to Canada and the United States and being exposed to English, I’ve then become fascinated by computers, their pseudo-languages and the first RPG games in text mode. Later came the early Internet, where most of the resources were in English (and very few in French). By the time I was twenty-four, I was fluent enough to be ready for the next step of my life : meeting the american woman who would become my wife and the mother of my two kids.

Knowing that, it feels quite fitting that I now have the pleasure of helping anglophones move to France from the front stage (by co-founding part of Renestance) as well as from behind the scene (by providing online tools) with one goal : make their life a dream in France!

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