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The Renestance Dream Team has been toiling away the past year to revamp the services we offer with the goal of bringing you more flexibility.

Through this new “à la carte” offering, you can tailor your package for as much or as little assistance as you need. Think of it as a build-your-own package.

Please get in touch through our contact page to find out how we can help you live your French Lifestyle Dream.

Official launch coming soon!

Let us Help you

You’re certainly more empowered once you have reliable information, but sometimes that’s not enough. SOS – your French dream life didn’t include battling bureaucracy! You want to talk to a real person about your challenge. Call on Renestance’s bilingual experts for personal consulting or hands-on assistance with:

*Only available in Occitanie at the moment, more regions to come.


If you’re at the information-gathering stage of a big project, say a move to France, we’ve got a service just for you: the Project Consultation consists of a phone/video call. The aim of the call is to assess the feasibility of your project to move to France, advise you on the implications for your specific situation and provide information on how Renestance can help you achieve your dream. The rate for the entre service is €83.33 excl. VAT (€100 for EU residents).

Your Project Consultation can take one of two forms:

  • 30 minute phone/video call plus a Flight Plan, which is a summary of the consultation, our recommendations for next steps, and information on how Renestance can assist you moving forward.
  • A one hour phone/video call without the Flight plan.

French Administration

Whether you’ve gone to battle with the French administration and lost, or would rather not go in the first place, Renestance can be your mercenary. Our Standard service is available throughout France and provides email and phone support (or you can come to our nearest office) including help with form-filling, arranging certified translations, collating all necessary documents, ensuring that you submit a complete application, making inquiries on your behalf and follow-up on any additional requests for information you might receive.

If you’d rather relax, have us take it off your hands, and if you live in the Languedoc area, you can opt for the VIP service level. In addition to the thorough service provided at the Standard level, we would meet you in person and go to the appropriate administrative office on your behalf (where possible).

We have services set up for each of these:

  • Residency (Titre de Séjour, FR nationality)
  • Health coverage (PUMa/Carte Vitale)
  • Driver’s license exchange
  • Vehicle import/purchase/registration
  • Micro-Entreprise setup (Standard service only)

Lifeline Support

If you’re waging a war with the French administration on many fronts, you may need Lifeline Support. This is basically a flexible block of our time that you can use for whatever issue is bugging you. Examples include: helping you set up Internet service, going to the bank with you to translate, making medical appointments for you, drafting correspondence in French, researching insurance policies, accompanying you to buy household appliances, etc.

A two-hour block of Lifeline Support costs €150 tax incl. and six hours cost €390, not including transportation costs (.50/km if we need to leave the office).

New Nest Package

If you’re ready to take the leap and rebuild your nest in the South of France, the VIP New Nest Package is the ultimate solution. You’ll be living the dream in no time with this highly personalized and thorough service. From help planning the move, performing the house-hunting with or for you, and getting your bank account opened through to assisting with your stay visa renewal, Renestance takes care of all the essentials. We hold your hand throughout the first year to make sure your dream becomes reality.

Please contact us for more details.

Real Estate/House-Hunting in the Languedoc

Finding the right nest in France is probably the most important element of your dream. It can cause a lot of stress as the consequences of not getting it right are painful. You may be comforted to know that there are several English-speaking real estate agents in France. There are French ones who speak English, but they don’t usually understand how real estate is done in your home country nor have a natural feel for what criteria are important to you. There are native English-speaking agents, but while they may understand where you’re coming from, they are usually salespeople rather than professionals licensed to run an agency in France.

Dennelle, the president of Renestance, has completed 600 hours of coursework and obtained the French Bachelors, Responsable d’Affaires en Immobilier. She knows the ins and outs of French real estate law, financing, inheritance, and taxation…besides getting why a tumble dryer is an essential, not an option.

Let us help you find your dream home in France, whether you need a:

Regional Discovery

You’ve heard that the region formerly known as Languedoc Roussillon (now part of the larger Occitanie) has a ton going for it. Come experience for yourself the extraordinary quality of life here in the real South of France. Renestance proposes two ways for you to discover the best of the region and make the most of your time.

Take advantage of our knowledge of the area and discover local treasures with insider orientations and off-the-beaten track excursions. Leverage our experience in tourism by including excursions to other regions in France or even to other countries.

French Language Learning

One of the main concerns for English-speakers moving to France is being able to get around in the language. While you’re likely to find people who speak English throughout the country, especially in cities and large towns, it’s pretty clear that your experience will be richer if you can communicate in the local tongue. Everyone starts off at a certain level and has his/her own personal capabilities and learning style – one size does not fit all when it comes to learning a language.

We all speak fluent French here at Renestance, but we all had to learn it at some point. We know it takes work and lots of practice (and patience!). Jennifer on the team is qualified to teach French as a Foreign Language, so she is our subject matter expert. She can meet with you for an evaluation of both your level and your learning style and recommend the best way forward for you. Whether you do better in group classes, individual ones, with self-paced study, conversation exchanges, in total immersion, or with a combination of these, we’ll point you in the right direction and connect you with our proven partners. Soon you will parler français with the best of them!

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