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Arm Yourself with Crucial Information

“Knowledge is power”

We all know how important accurate and timely information is in today’s world. Heck, it’s even called the ‘information age.’ Today, we can find out about anything in a blink. But getting exactly the information you need isn’t always easy. And how can you be certain it’s the most up-to-date and reliable?

Getting the lowdown in a foreign country is more complicated and even more important. You have questions about matters impacting your finances or health. It would help to know what those who’ve gone before you experienced. Sometimes you want to get a feel for what daily life in France is truly like.

You arrive like a newborn…but we have solutions so you feel less naked.

Ebooks – We’ve Done the Digging for you

Our clients never cease to challenge us with obscure cases and baffling questions. But high quality personal assistance means going down a lot of rabbit holes. So we’ve spent much of the past few years ferreting out answers to specific queries.

We’ve scoured official French sources. We’ve scrubbed English portals, forums and websites. We’ve compared it all to make sure the data we documented was the most up-to-date and accurate.

In addition, Dennelle invested a year of her life to complete a French Bachelors degree in Real Estate in 2016. So that endeavor increased our knowledge base with loads of course materials and research on French property law, financing, taxation, and inheritance.

At one point we got smart and started compiling all this intelligence into reports on French life.
These reports are packed with detailed information on:

  • Healthcare
  • Driving & Vehicle
  • Finances
  • Renting Property
  • Buying Property
  • Starting a small business
  • Residency & Nationality
  • French life and culture

Would you like to get your hands on those reports? Well you’re in luck, because we’ve started publishing them as ebooks. Warning: These ebooks will never be at the top of a Goodreads list!

They contain detailed and actionable information with contact details, links, sources, tables and flowcharts. Some modules walk you through a process step-by-step, like importing a vehicle or applying for a Carte Vitale. Now you can take action on your own instead of paying for our assistance. (Hmm, maybe we weren’t so smart…)

Before the final drafts, English-speakers from all over the world edited the reports. Who knew there were so many variations on the English language?! Once we found an English that everyone understood, we held focus groups to test the reports. Clients, prospects and acquaintances reviewed and gave helpful feedback (see their comments here).

Check out the Ebook Shop and Renestance Reports

Please give us your feedback as well. Based on your input, we’ll add content to the current ebooks and produce new ones. As we continue down new rabbit holes, and fresh information becomes available, we’ll update these ebooks so you always have access to the latest and greatest.

Blog – Get the Inside Scoop

We’ve been writing the Renestance Blog since December 2014, covering topics such as:

  • French culture
  • French language
  • Expat corner
  • Health
  • Finances
  • Renestance News
  • Languedoc
  • Tips & Tricks

Since all of the contributors to the blog live in France, you can be sure the information is first-hand, based on experience and research, and not just theory. We respond to all of your comments, too, because a conversation is much more interesting than one-way communication.

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Other Sources of Information

Besides the Ebooks and Blog, Renestance brings you pertinent information through:

The Monthly Newsletter

Case Studies

Personal Consultation

We’re also building a directory of helpful links, including expat and professional blogs, e-magazines, newspapers, official websites, forums, seminars/conferences, and book recommendations.

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