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Have you noticed our logo, the pretty swallow, and Renestance’s overall bird theme? Do you wonder what the name Renestance even means?

Well the swallow is a migratory bird who flies really far, often to other continents. The hirondelle (swallow in French) symbolizes the beginning of spring in France, and luck, love and happiness more generally. That’s all pretty hopeful stuff.

And when you say Renestance aloud, it sounds a bit like renaissance, which means rebirth. We added the word NEST in the middle so the lovely swallow would have its place.

So who is Renestance? We’re here to help you pursue your dreams, to be courageous and take the leap…and to make sure you have a soft landing.


We are the ones who make renesting in France a breeze.


We help English-speakers realize their dream of living in France by providing peace of mind and fun through information, assistance and community.

Moving to and living in a foreign country requires a lot of courage, positivity, humor, curiosity, and persistence…but mostly humor. Laughing at yourself and the silly situations you find yourself in will help you survive the challenges that arise, rather than, say, crumble into tears in front of the Monoprix cashier, who’s scolding you for not weighing your fruit (true story).

You also need a good head on your shoulders. There’s a big difference between living the dream and living in a dream world. You will have to navigate through countless unknowns, learn a ton of things (possibly a whole new language!), and forget even more. What works back home may not work in France – you aren’t in Kansas anymore, Dorothy.

But don’t worry, Renestance is here to help. We’ve taken the leap ourselves, so we can give it to you straight and point out the pitfalls (or dog doo) to avoid. Let us help you with the basics so you can begin enjoying your new life to the fullest.

Renestance helps you make your French lifestyle dream come true.

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