Are you wondering about moving to France? Maybe you’ve been living here for over ten years already?

Whatever the case, you need three things to make your French dream life a success:


Feeling lost because you are missing key information regarding habits, processes or etiquette?

Renestance gives you access to complete and accurate information about life in France, so you can be confident in your savoir-faire.


Our bilingual experts are also available for personal admin assistance.

We’ll help you avoid the typical hassles that cost you loads of time and money. Relax and let us deal with it.


Take advantage of Renestance’s extensive connections in both Anglo and French communities.

Find a doctor who speaks English. Meet up with French people who want to practice their English. Make friends across all cultures with those who share your interests.

Let us help you settle in easily and enjoy your time in France to the fullest.

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