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Have you always dreamed of living in France or just recently got the idea? Would you prefer to test the waters before taking the plunge?

You can get a taste of real life in the South of France by taking a Regional Reconnaissance trip, designed with you in mind. Take advantage of this ensemble of services to get the most out of your 2-8 week stay and focus on your main objectives, such as:

  • Determine where to focus your housing search
  • Research real costs and prepare your budget
  • Meet and talk to others who’ve been in your shoes
  • See how well you can get around on your own
  • Make sure the reality of daily life matches your dream…

While you could include a C’est Mon Tour tailor-made excursion in your itinerary, the Regional Reconnaissance trips offer much more than a lovely getaway. It’s the perfect entrée to your new life in France. You can pick among the following services to make your trip a success :

  • Pre-Trip Planning/Coaching
  • Accommodations
  • Arrival assistance and Orientation
  • Social connections
  • French language learning/immersion
  • Administrative assistance
  • And opportunities to discover much more!

Contact Renestance today to plan your personalized Regional Reconnaissance trip.

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