Bright Ideas are Blooming

The sun is out, the poppies are blooming, and the countryside is green with budding grape vines. It’s springtime in the Languedoc and the Renestance team is buzzing along with a growing client base, new services, and the launch of our monthly newsletter. Each month we’ll be bringing you an assortment of team updates, regional news, and tips and tricks for moving to and living in France. To kick us off, please read on for a run-down of our main milestones and projects so far in 2016.

Connecting with Local Refugees in France

This week we tackle a topic close to my heart, the refugee crisis, specifically, refugees in France. While the situation in the Languedoc is a far cry from some of the “hotspots” in Greece and Turkey, there are an increasing number of war refugees in the area.  Contrary to popular belief that all refugees are young men, the majority of local asylum seekers are in fact families, many with young children.   I wrote this article shortly after visiting a Syrian family living in Béziers for the first time. Despite the vast differences in our life histories, I was struck by the similarities in our experiences of settling into the region.

Paris attacks seen from the Languedoc

While we are a long distance from Paris here in the Languedoc, the attacks of November 13th impact us all in many ways. Many of the Renestance staff have lived in our beloved capital and have family and friends there now – luckily all are safe and accounted for. Beyond the concern for loved ones, and the general shock and sadness we all share, we wanted to share our personal thoughts and experiences with our readers.