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RIF 2021: Beating Culture Shock

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Settling into another country is never easy, despite the excitement and adventure, there are ups and downs and moments that you will need to be prepared for. Sarah Gorman eases us into some of the cultural obstacles we might face when relocating to France and gives us some handy tools to face them with!

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As well as the Renesting in France Seminar Intro & Outro videos, this bundle includes:

  • Unlimited access to the “Beating Culture Shock” seminar 2021 replay
  • The 2021 Tips & Tricks for Renesting in France video
  • A list of contact details for our expert partners

First presented on Monday 8th November, this hour-long webinar covers four important aspects when it comes to successfully settling into your new life in France:

  • Getting thing done: Sarah helps to untangle French bureaucracy and the obstacles you might encounter
  • Not in Kansas anymore: a deep dive into the specificities of French culture including differences to note, sports, travel, driving and many more!
  • Finding your Flock: Sarah gives you some key tips on creating your new social circle and finding that all important support system
  • Learning French: some helpful tips to getting you started and why it’s important to give it a go, no matter your letter.

Sarah moved to Corsica in 2004. Arriving as a non-French speaker she negotiated the administrative systems, and learnt the language very quickly to a standard where she could work and immersed herself in life in France. Moving to mainland France in 2016 and having a background in the travel industry specializing in offering the personal touch with first class customer service, Sarah started helping other anglophones at Renestance early this year.


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