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RIF 2021: Finding your French Dream Home

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Dennelle Taylor Nizoux helps you understand the ins & outs of the real estate game in France. Whether you’re planning to rent or buy your new nest, Renestance has you covered!

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As well as the Renesting in France Seminar Intro & Outro videos, this bundle includes:

  • Unlimited access to the “Finding your French Dream Home” seminar 2021 replay
  • The 2021 Tips & Tricks for Renesting in France video
  • A list of contact details for our expert partners

After studying in Aix-en-Provence in the 90s and moving to Paris with her work in 2000, Dennelle and her family moved to Montpellier in 2010. She has plenty of personal experience with settling into French life and understands all the key elements of integration. She has rented, purchased, renovated and rented out property in France. In addition, she holds a French Bachelors in Real Estate, so knows the laws, tax and inheritance implications of owning property. She launched Renestance in 2015 to help other English-speakers dreaming of the French lifestyle.

Presented on November 9th 2021, this 56 minute video takes you through the basics of housing in France i.e. what you need to get clear in your mind when looking for property in France, what are the questions you’ll need to answer for yourself? We then move on to compare the prospect of buying vs renting followed by a deeper dive into these two options. For those of you interested in investing in property in France , Dennelle talk you through the basics of “buy-to-let” and finally, we take a dive into financing your real estate project.

The video concludes with a short Q&A session.


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