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French Healthcare for non-EU Nationals (H3)

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Coming from outside the EU and want to get in on the famous French public health system or Assurance Maladie? This ebook explains the different regimes available and which ones apply to your situation. You will also have the information needed to request a French Carte Vitale and get your medical expenses reimbursed.

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Become a card-carrying member of the club!

Word on the street is that you are eligible to join France’s public health system or Assurance Maladie, but how? Do you have to sing the first six verses of La Marseillaise to a civil servant? Perform a mime or learn the accordion? Mais non…just read this ebook to understand which case you fall into and follow the steps to apply for that precious Carte Vitale.

With this ebook:

  • Understand the French Assurance Maladie and how/if it applies to you
  • Save countless hours of consulting various sites and sources in French and English
  • Focus on information that’s applicable to your situation
  • Save the cost of administrative assistance (up to €412/couple) and apply on your own
  • Understand your next steps quickly and use the ebook as a reference going forward
  • Avoid costly mistakes by learning from our professional experience
  • Access all the links and contact details you need to take action
  • Rest assured that you have the latest, most accurate information
  • Choose your preferred options for reading the ebook: online or print it out (color printing advised)

We’ve done the work for you!

We at Renestance have been helping non-EU citizens all over France apply for the Carte Vitale since 2015. There have been a lot of changes to the process and documents required, but we are constantly updating our information. We believe this ebook is your key to applying for the Carte Vitale on your own. This is what the volunteers in our focus groups liked best about it:

“Clear and concise”

“It was an easy-read. The ebook was not loaded with a bunch of technological information that could confuse a reader. The print was easy to follow and spaced appropriately for the reader. I had no problem following along.”

“The financial analysis of whether the Carte Vitale is ‘worth’ it”


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