Hospitals in France (H4)

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Have you just been told you need knee surgery and you have no idea what to expect? Worried about undergoing something so important in another language? This ebook takes your fear of the unknown away by laying out in a clear and concise manner everything you need to know about a stay in a French hospital. From diagnosis to pre-op examinations and consultations, through to your stay in hospital itself and your after care, our ebooks tells you everything you need to know, all in one place.

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French hospitals laid bare!

The Renestance Team is here to officially dispel your fears! Facing a hospital procedure in your native language is an unnerving enough experience, but looking down the barrel at doing it in your adopted country, in another language and with an unfamiliar administrative procedure, may have you running in the opposite direction. But you know what? It’s actually quite simple when you see each step written down, with clear details and information about what to do to help you glide through your procedure and come out healthier and happier at the other end.

With this ebook:

  • Understand the French hospital system and how to smoothly navigate your way from consultant to surgeon and beyond
  • Save countless hours of consulting various sites and sources in French and English
  • Focus on information that’s applicable to your situation
  • Save the cost of medical advocacy and manage on your own
  • Understand your next steps quickly and use the ebook as a reference going forward
  • Avoid costly mistakes by learning from our professional experience
  • Access all the links and contact details you need to take action
  • Rest assured that you have the latest, most accurate information
  • Choose your preferred options for reading the ebook: online or print it out (color printing advised)

Get an overview of the hospital system in France.

This ebook lets you know how to plan for a hospital stay and what to expect if you should need surgery and/or follow-up care. This is what the volunteers in our focus groups loved about our Hospitals in France ebook:

“It explained perfectly the process from diagnosis to hospitalization.”

“Concise and personal.

“Really helped to get basic understanding of French hospital system.”

“Explanation of average waiting times, check list of things to bring to the hospital.”


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