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Private Health Insurance in France (H5)

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If you’re coming out in hives at the thought of having to decide whether to opt for public or private healthcare in France, before you book your dermatologist’s appointment, read our Private Healthcare in France ebook. Clear, concise information explaining the different types of private insurance available, so you can choose the most economical and prudent route for you and your family.

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Eyes, teeth or feet?!

Yes, it depends which part of your body you covet the most when it comes to picking private health insurance! You’ll be asked how high or low you want to go for each option. But once you’ve decided that your eyes are deteriorating faster than your teeth, what about the small print, the finer details? The important parts like ‘am I covered to bungee-jump?’ or ‘will they fly me home for burial if the bungee snaps’? We describe each type of French private health insurance, explore what‘s covered, and what isn’t; what’s optional and what’s obligatory. Also, how much are you reimbursed for different interventions? We explain the sometimes mind-bogglingly complicated formulas in simple terms. In this ebook we give you the knowledge and the power to make an informed decision on the best, and most economical, way to keep you and your family safely covered with regard to current and future health needs.

With this ebook:

  • Understand the French private health insurance system and how to pick the right policy for you and your family
  • Save countless hours of consulting various sites and sources in French and English
  • Focus on information that’s applicable to your situation
  • Save the cost of admin assistance and manage on your own
  • Understand your next steps quickly and use the ebook as a reference going forward
  • Avoid costly mistakes by learning from our professional experience
  • Access all the links and contact details you need to take action
  • Rest assured that you have the latest, most accurate information
  • Choose your preferred options for reading the ebook: online or print it out (color printing advised)

Understand the different private health insurance options in France.

A ebook which describes in full detail the different healthcare options so you can choose the best, and most economical, route for you. This is what the volunteers in our focus groups loved about our Private Health Insurance in France ebook:

“The differences between private or top-up insurance.”

“Comprehensive and concise given its topic.”

“Listed all the options available that one needs to consider when getting insurance to live in France.”

“Gave a clear outline of a complicated structure.”


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