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RIF 2021: The French Healthcare System

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Our in-house healthcare expert Nicole Hammond helps you get your head around the French Healthcare system so that you know what to expect and what cover you’ll need once settled into your new life.

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As well as the Renesting in France Seminar Intro & Outro videos, this bundle includes:

  • Unlimited access to the “The French Healthcare System” seminar 2021 replay
  • The 2021 Tips & Tricks for Renesting in France video
  • A list of contact details for our expert partners

The French healthcare system, albeit well-oiled and celebrated by many, is complex and can leave many scratching their heads. In this 40 minute presentation, recorded live on Tuesday 9th November, Nicole covers six of the most important areas to help you on your way to a smooth healthcare setup.

Nicole takes us through:

  • Bringing cover with you from Europe
  • Bringing cover with you from a non-EU country
  • Eligibility to join PUMa
  • Working status
  • PUMA – applying & costs
  • Top-up insurance

Nicole, an expert in helping Anglophones navigate the French healthcare system, is a bilingual Brit who has lived in France since 2002. With a wealth of experience of life in France, she is the Administrative Assistance Expert at Renestance, providing much needed help to English speakers on all matters relating to Carte Vitale and PUMa.


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