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BREXIT Edition Webinar – French Tax Obligations (Replay)

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Renestance hosted a series of five webinars (web interactive events) on relocating to France in the context of BREXIT. We were honoured to have our respected partners, each experts in their subject, present alongside the Renestance team.

The five webinars took place between 28 May and 18 June, but if you missed the live sessions, you can still access all the valuable information via the replays: the full series of five replays (99€ incl. VAT) or the single replay of your choice (39€ incl. VAT per topic).

Here are the different subjects that were explored:

  • Healthcare in France
  • Strategic Tax & Financial Planning
  • Obtaining French Residency
  • Buying & Renting Housing
  • French Tax Obligations

Topic: French Tax Obligations

Are you worried about paying a lot of tax in France? The rumour of high French taxes is usually much worse than the reality. We’re proud to have Jennifer Goube from the accountancy firm French Business Advice to demystify French taxes for you and cover:

  • Fiscal residency
  • Double taxation treaty with the UK
  • Personal income tax
  • Wealth tax
  • Property tax
  • Occupancy tax

Speaker: Sebastien Giordano (AUGEFI)


Sebastien Giordano

After four years working for a well-known international accounting and audit company, Sebastien decided to work for himself and incorporated AUGEFI in 2006. Speaking English, he has a wide experience in supporting English speaking clients in their steps to start and run a business in France. English speaking companies and individuals are part of his client portfolio, which also includes businesses in the tourism sector, very prominent in the South.


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