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French Healthcare Glossary (HG)

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If you were ill, would you understand your French doctor’s diagnosis? Even if you can name your heart and stomach in French, could you explain that you feel nauseous or out of breath? Get help communicating about medical issues from this glossary. It’s divided into categories (anatomy, medical procedures, symptoms, etc) and also full French-English and English-French lists for quick lookup.

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Pretend to know what you’re talking about with this glossary!

You may have learned the French words for heart and stomach in class, but could you explain that you feel nauseous or out of breath? Would you know whether your doctor has asked you to have a seat or leave a stool sample? This handy little glossary should help you out with medical terms you may not be familiar with.

With this reference:

  • Get the right word when you need it, with French-English and English-French alphabetized lists
  • Use the different categories of terms to help prepare your medical visits
  • Save countless hours of consulting various sources in French and English
  • Ask your practitioner to point to the unintelligible word they’re saying
  • Choose your preferred options for reading the ebook: online or print it out (color printing advised)

We’ve done the work for you!

We at Renestance have all been to French doctors numerous times – haven’t counted the number of surgeries among us, but six of our babies were born in France. We also consulted reliable sources for terminology we’re less familiar with and compiled this list to be a useful tool. This is what our focus group participants said about it:

“Great to have when I go to the doctor. Usually I look up all the vocabulary and take a little notebook with me so I make sure I can understand medical terminology.”

“Not only did you provide translations, but you also provided where the specialty/establishment was (in French) to assist a newcomer when looking it up.”


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