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French Healthcare System (H1)

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Would you like to know more about the French public health system besides it’s ‘the best one in the world’? This ebook gives you a full overview, defines key terms and even goes into explanations of fees, payments, complementary insurance, emergency services, pharmacies, lab work, scans, and medical professions unique to France. It’s all in an easy-to-read format and understandable English, so you can come back to it often as a reference.

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“How do I get in?”

You’ve heard that France has the best healthcare system in the world, but why? Do the hospitals serve boeuf bourguignon or smell like fine French perfume? More importantly, how can you benefit from this world-class care? You want to know the ins and outs of the system so you can navigate it before you need to.

With this ebook:

  • Understand the essentials of a prized but complex healthcare system
  • Get up to speed quickly thanks to easy-to-read language and format
  • Save countless, frustrating hours of weeding through contradictory information
  • Get answers to questions you didn’t even know you had about: public and private coverage; doctor visits, pharmacies, lab work, emergencies and more
  • Use the orderly ebook as a reference going forward
  • Avoid costly mistakes by using our seasoned insider tips
  • Act on your own, armed with the links, sources and contact details inside
  • Rest assured that you have access to the latest, most accurate information with free updates for two years after purchase
  • Choose your preferred reading option: online or print it out (color printing advised)

Worth its weight in truffles!

We’ve spent well over a year researching all aspects of France’s healthcare system, scouring official French sources as well as websites in English. We’ve had English-speakers from all over the world edit the ebooks, trying to find language that everyone would understand. We even held three focus groups to test the ebooks on clients, prospects and acquaintances. Those helpful volunteers believe this overview to be the most comprehensive guide on French healthcare in English, anywhere. Some of their direct comments:

“It would have saved me a lot of time and research. I spent a lot of time in the CPAM office asking all of my questions as I found it too difficult to call them at the time.”

“The description of the health care system, its operation and how one obtains access to it.”

“It was an easy-read. The ebook was not loaded with a bunch of technological information that could confuse a reader. The print was easy to follow and spaced appropriately for the reader. I had no problem following along.”

“Clear and thorough presentation.”

“All accurate and complete information.”

“Easy to read format in no nonsense language.”


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