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Attention pet parents! Are you having trouble finding someone to take care of your pets in France? In celebration of our “Pet Month,” we are delighted to introduce our trusted “pawtner” when it comes to our furry friends: the e-concierge Tout Pour Le Toutou.

Tout Pour Le Toutou emerged from the story of its founder, Mélanie, who, upon returning to France after years in the United States, realized the severe lack of reliable professionals available to care for her pup, Malka. Establishing a network of carefully chosen pet-care professionals and service providers, she created an e-concierge service that offers a wide range of services to pet owners. Thus, Tout Pour Le Toutou was born!

As pet owners themselves, the team at Tout Pour Le Toutou deeply values trust, transparency, and professionalism. They work closely with over 400 handpicked service providers, including qualified professionals, ensuring the utmost care. Moreover, to offer additional peace of mind to their customers, all TPLTT service providers are insured by AXA.

Why is Tout Pour Le Toutou the ideal solution for expat pet parents? After living in New York, Paris, and Tel Aviv, Mélanie understands firsthand the challenges faced by expat pet parents. Many of their providers are also multilingual, allowing them to cater to expats from around the world.

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What can Tout Pour Le Toutou offer?




📋 Administration

The Tout Pour Le Toutou team will assist you with the administrative procedures for your pet’s arrival or departure from France, including passports, official documents, and updating health records. They can also arrange veterinary visits and manage your pet’s care and administrative schedule.


🚘 Transportation

Meticulously selected drivers ensure a pleasant trip for both you and your furry companion. With specially equipped vehicles, traveling with your pet has never been easier!


Everyday life


🐾 Doggie Day care

Whether at your home or with a carefully selected pamperer endorsed by TPLTT, they will take care of your pet during your absence throughout the day at your preferred times!


🏠 Boarding

Treat your pet to a luxurious staycation while you’re away. You can reserve your dog’s preferred pamperer for either a home stay or accommodation at their house, alone or with other dogs, depending on your pup’s needs and comfort.

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🐶 Dog walks

Spoil your four-legged best friend with a walk in town ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hours, or a 2-hour forest adventure with their favorite pamperer!


🐱 Cat visits

Their pamperers will provide your cat with all the care and attention they need, either at your home or the pet-sitter’s place, depending on your feline’s temperament. They will go the extra mile to make them purr!


🐕‍🦺 Education and training

Whether you’re facing behavioral issues or welcoming a new puppy/kitten, TPLTT professional behaviorists and educators will help you foster a harmonious and loving relationship with your pet through positive training.

Photo from Tout Pour Le Toutou

🐩 Grooming

Does your pet need a little makeover? Groomers can come directly to your home or they can welcome you to their salons, offering your pet the best care to look “purrfect” from head to paws!


🩺 Wellbeing

Allow your pet to experience the benefits of alternative methods such as osteopathy, massage, aromatherapy, and other proven and approved specialties!

Photo from Tout Pour Le Toutou


🛍️ Personal shopping and delivery

You won’t have to lift a finger! Carefully selected products for your pet’s well-being will be delivered directly to your doorstep.


Tout Pour Le Toutou offers an entire ecosystem of pet welfare experts. As a Renestance customer, you can enjoy discounts on products from their partner network, ranging from homemade pet food to stylish handmade accessories!

Photo from Tout Pour Le Toutou

Don’t see the service you’re looking for on the list?

Mélanie and her team are always happy to offer a consultation and design a taylor-made service to suit your needs.

You can contact them by phone at +33 6 16 65 26 01 or by email at concierge@toutpourletoutou.com or trott over to their website: https://www.toutpourletoutou.com/

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