As this month’s theme is all about our animal companions, today we are going through some related French vocabulary in order to better understand and communicate about any pet-related issues.

Which animal?

First off, let’s go over some of the different animals people tend to keep:

Mon chien – my dog
Mon chat – my cat
Mon oiseau – my bird
Mon poisson – my fish
Mon lapin – my rabbit
Mon hamster – my hamster
Mon cochon d’Inde – my guinea pig
Mon rat – my rat
Mon furet – my ferret
Mon cheval – my horse

At home

What do you have for your pets at home?

Le panier – the bed
La cage – the kennel/crate/cage
La gamelle – the food/drink bowl
Les jouets – toys
La fontaine à eau – the drinking fountain

dog pet landscape

Pet hygiene

Taking care of your pet at home is important but let’s not forget to clean up after them, especially in town!

La brosse – the brush
Le peigne – the comb
Le shampoing – the shampoo
Le bac à litière – the litter box/tray
La pelle à crottes – poop scoop
Le sac à crottes – Waste disposal bag/ poo bags

Traveling with your pet

Here are some items you might need when leaving the house for walks, trips away or, god forbid, to the vets!

La laisse – the leash
Le collier – the collar
Le harnais – the harness
La muselière – the muzzle
La gamelle de voyage – the portable dog bowl
Le sac/la cage de transport – the carrier bag/travel crate
Le passeport – pet passport

cat backpack

Going to the vet

Le carnet de santé – the health record/booklet
Le carnet de vaccination – the vaccination record
La puce électronique – the microchip
La (les) friandise(s) – treats
Son jouet favori – It’s/her/his favorite toy
La couverture – the blanket

What hurts?

Le museau – the snout
La patte – the paw/leg
Le coussinet – the pad
La griffe – the claw
La queue – the tail
L’aile – the wing

Need help?

Are you thinking of moving to France with a pet? Head over to our blog page where we talk about moving to and living with pets in France, our tips and many more interesting topics! If you need more assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your project.

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