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We had been talking about doing it for ages, and on Friday 23 March we finally held our first Renesting in France seminar. Our goal was to pack into one day as much essential information about living in France as possible. Our esteemed partners and we succeeded, and it even turned out to be a fun day.

Renesting in France Seminar, 2018 Edition

We welcomed over 30 people to the seminar at the Villa Mont Riant in Montpellier. The historic manor was an ideal venue, centrally located near the train station and full of charm. The friendly staff served delicious refreshments during the breaks and an impressive buffet lunch of Mediterranean foods and wine. It was a real treat to enjoy la plancha on the sunny garden terrace.

The seminar program included presentations on:

  • French taxes and setting-up a business (Sebastien Giordano, AUGEFI)
  • Immigration and Residency (Jennifer Rowell-Gastard, Renestance)
  • Buying and Renting Property (Dennelle Taylor Nizoux, Renestance)
  • Letting Property and Property Management (Iain Laverock, Go Languedoc)
  • French Healthcare and PUMa (Nicole Hammond, Renestance)
  • Private Health Insurance (Tony Mason, Soficas)
  • Tax and inheritance considerations for US citizens (Pierre Taponier, Taponier Avocats)
  • Strategies for learning French (Jennifer Rowell-Gastard, Renestance and Grégory Penot, Victoria’s Language School)
  • Regional Discovery (Nancy McGee, Absolutely Southern France)
  • Social Life: Clubs, Associations and Volunteering (Barbara-Anne Larden – The Tuesday Club), (Theo Platings – Cancer Support France), (Cerese Chassang Smothers – American Women’s Club)

We were lucky to have additional experts on hand that day: Fiona Warren, (Currency Transfers – Currencies Direct), Robert Hendry (Financial Advice – Devere France), Gregory Hanson (French Law- Hanson Avocat). After the presentations and panels, we wrapped up the day with one-on-one consultancy sessions with the experts. Then several of us went for drinks in town 🙂

What did we learn?

The schedule was tight, but the format was easy-going enough to allow the attendees to ask their questions as they came up. They wanted to know about: property and inheritance laws, how to rent a property prior to obtaining a visa, how to get a Carte Vitale, and how the new wealth tax could impact owners of property who aren’t French residents. The presenters and Renestance team answered all of these questions, and more. The majority of attendees flew in from outside Europe especially for the event. Those who had recently moved to France were grateful to have so many important elements clarified in one go.

We were pleased to see that the seminar provided essential information people need to successfully renest in France…one of Renestance’s main goals. An unexpected delight was the congenial mood that encouraged bonding among the attendees and partners, fulfilling another Renestance mission of community building.

Should we do this again?

Since the feedback showed that the seminar exceeded the attendees’ expectations…You bet! Here are just a few of the comments from the day:

“It had very good information on most of the things I need information about in my process of moving to France.”

“A very useful day. Lots of information to absorb.”

“The day was full, but there were plenty of opportunities to mingle and ask advice from the wide range of specialists available.”

“Overall I thought it was an awesome day! I went into it with a lot of questions and found as it went along 99% were answered as people spoke. I found my apprehension/anxiety going away and appreciated the thought and time everyone put in. Very worthwhile.”

I know many of you would have liked to attend the seminar but weren’t able to for one reason or another. You’ll be happy to know that we filmed the presentations and will make the video files and slides available for purchase on our website. You won’t be able to mingle with the other attendees and partners, nor taste the delicious lunch, but you will get the information and hear the questions from the audience.

Merci encore to all the seminar attendees for their engaging participation, to our partners for their high-quality presentations and willingness to share their expertise, and to the Renestance team who put in many long hours to ensure it was an invaluable event.

Dennelle Taylor Nizoux

Dennelle is the President of Renestance and a bilingual American who’s lived in France since 2000. She loves so many things about France, its language, culture, geography, quality of life... that she started a business to help others realize their dreams of living in this incredible place.

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