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RIF 2021: Roundtable With Renesters

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A fantastic panel of recent Renesters from the US, the UK & South Africa share their experiences and give you some invaluable tips to making your move a success.

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As well as the Renesting in France Seminar Intro & Outro videos, this bundle includes:

  • Unlimited access to the “Roundtable with Renesters” seminar 2021 replay
  • The 2021 Tips & Tricks for Renesting in France video
  • A list of contact details for our expert partners

Our Renesting panel answers questions we thought you might want to ask them in this roundtable session which goes a little over an hour. Two couples coming from the UK, one couple coming from South Africa and a panelist from the US. The diverse panel of renesters even includes a French man who has successfully moved back to France and shares his experience, showing that, even for a native person, it’s not always straightforward!

The webinar was pre-recorded in November 2021 and comprises some quick-fire rounds and some longer discussions, giving each participant the chance to share their thoughts and feelings about their move and France in general and leads to some very interesting and enjoyable discussions.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you’d like to be put in contact with any of the panelists!


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