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Migration Consultation

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If you’re looking for clarity and a way forward on your #Frenchdreamlife project, try a Migration Consultation to cut through all the confusion and overwhelm.

We will answer your questions and provide an expert assessment of your main issues as well as a roadmap of the next steps needed to move your project forward.

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Are you either considering a move to France or already here and overwhelmed by the details? Do you have important questions about residency or housing in France? Have you got concerns about arranging healthcare, getting your financial life set up? Or maybe you have a project you’d like some advice on, like setting up a business or retiring?

Over the years we have spoken to many people about their dreams of living in France and we often find people saying “yes!” to all of the above!

Helping smooth the way for a happy life in France is why Renestance was born.

Having moved here ourselves, every member of the team is passionate about helping others live out their dream and enjoy the best that this wonderful country has to offer.

Naturally, no two situations are the same, so despite the vast amount of reference material available on and off-line, it requires experience and knowledge of the system to successfully navigate the channels of French (and sometimes overseas) administration.

This is why we have developed the Migration Consultation!

If you’re looking for clarity and a way forward on your project, it’s the perfect solution to cut through the confusion. We will answer your critical questions and deliver an assessment of your main issues, a roadmap to move your project forward, and a tailored support proposal.

Your Migration Consultation session can take one of three forms:

  • OVERVIEW with high level information and next steps on your top 2-3 topics of concern
  • FOCUS on one area of interest with in-depth research and tailored advice
  • BRAINSTORM session on a variety of topics in the time allotted, pick our brains!

Once you have placed your order and paid the invoice, it works like this: We will send you a short questionnaire to understand your main concerns. Once we receive your answers, we’ll perform any necessary research to prepare for your consultation and make sure you get the most out of it. We will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient time for your consultation (which can be carried out by phone, Zoom or via Skype).

If you have chosen an option with a written Flght Plan, you will receive it a few days after the consultation. It’s a summary of the project and points raised during the consultation, recommendations on next steps, and all important links and resources you need to advance. After you’ve had time to digest it all, we’ll send you a feedback survey to make sure you are satisfied.

Price: 100 € (incl. VAT)


  • 60 minutes call/video consultation OR
  • 30 minutes call/video consultation plus a written Flight Plan report, which is a summary of the consultation, our recommendations for next steps, and any details you need to proceed with your roadmap.

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30 min + Flight Plan, 60 min


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