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Yesterday was Mother’s Day in France – It seems appropriate timing for my article on the birth of Renestance. Many people talk about their businesses as their “babies,” and now I can completely understand. It feels like I’ve been pregnant for 18 months! That is, until the official incorporation of Renestance SAS last week.

Well, after jumping through the administrative hoops, I received the Kbis (French incorporation document) for Renestance in the last week of May and picked up the company checkbook. I had learned a few things from my previous birthing experiences, so I was not surprised when the arrival brought great joy… and a bit of chaos. You see, all is not tucked and tailed – there is still an enormous amount to do before the service offering is perfectly packaged and deliverable. To my delight, there are many clients requesting our services, and I certainly don’t want to put them on hold. A hungry baby needs to be fed.

Births are something to celebrate, of course, and I was lucky to be able to gather some of the key players in the Renestance team last Friday. Nicole Hammond was there of course, my right hand and designated queen of administration. Natasha Freidus, from Renestance blog fame, also joined us. We welcomed newcomer Jennifer Rowell-Gastard to the team, who comes with years of French living experience and buckets of enthusiasm. And last but certainly not least, Karen Percy, our graphic designer, was down from the United Kingdom to rally with us. We had coffee on a sunny sidewalk in downtown Pézenas and then ran off to try the “picnic chic” concept of the nearby domaine Seigneurie de Peyrat.

The domaine is extraordinary, and we were fortunate enough to get a tour, taste their delicious wines, and then be treated to a exquisite lunch of fresh tomato, garlic, and basil bagnat, followed by plates of charcuterie, green salad, grilled sausage, enormous cheese plates, and plenty of fresh cherries, apricots and peaches. We each took a case of wine home with us, as we couldn’t face the possibility of not finding any in the stores.

Making our own pan bagnat

I can’t say for sure, but I think that any baby nourished on deliciously fresh food, abundant sunshine, and good quality wine (err…) will grow up healthy, wealthy and wise.

Dennelle Taylor Nizoux

Dennelle is the President of Renestance and a bilingual American who’s lived in France since 2000. She loves so many things about France, its language, culture, geography, quality of life... that she started a business to help others realize their dreams of living in this incredible place.

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