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The French SMIC is one of the most important aspects in determining the feasibility of your “Living in France” dream.

SMIC stands for “salaire minimum interprofessionnel de croissance” and is the legal minimum hourly wage below which an employee in France cannot be paid. It applies to all adult employees, regardless of whether they are paid for their time or their output, in commissions or tips. And it is a crucial aspect in your visa and residency application.

SMIC determines economic self-sufficiency

The SMIC is revalued annually in relation to purchasing power. If the consumer price index rises by more than 2% the SMIC will be revalued accordingly. The SMIC is considered a real livable wage in France and therefore constitutes the threshold for economic self-sufficiency.
For this reason, the SMIC is also used to evaluate whether non-EU foreigners applying for a long-term visa can financially support themselves while living in France.

Annual Adjustments: SMIC is revalued annually on January 1st. It’s tied to inflation and may increase if the consumer price index rises by over 2% during the year. The government also retains the option to adjust it as it sees fit.

Do you have enough income to move to France?

Along with other visa requirements, you must prove that your income is at least equal to the current SMIC level. These levels apply per person, for a couple you would therefore need to prove a combined income of double the amount.

Since May 1, 2023, the SMIC is set as follows:
Per month: 1,353.07 € net / 1 747,20 € gross
Per year: 16 214,00 € net / 20 814,73 € gross

The same applies if you put in a request for a carte de séjour (residency permit).

Proof of Income for Retirees and Non-Working Foreigners

If you do not have a regular monthly income from sources such as salaries, pensions, or a business, you will need to prove sufficient savings or other income resources such as investments, rental properties, etc., to support yourself. As a guide, you should have resources at the very least equivalent to the yearly SMIC. However, Decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis by the local prefecture and vary according to factors such as the size of your family, etc.



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