For this month’s French vocabulary, you will learn useful phrases to prepare for your summer vacation ! This vocabulary will also be useful for weekend getaways as well so be sure to save this blog post for later on !

How to communicate that you are going on vacation?

  • To go on vacation: partir en vacances
  • A vacationer: un vacancier

Note : holidays, vacations and time off are all said “vacances” in French. For a long summer vacation, we would say : les grandes vacances.

What documents will you need?

  • ID: la carte d’identité
  • Passport: le passeport (only required for trips outside of Europe)
  • Driving license: le permis de conduire

What should you bring with you?

  • Sunscreen: la crème solaire
  • Suitcase: la valise
  • Travel bag: le sac de voyage
  • Beach bag: le sac de plage
  • Swimsuit: le maillot de bain
  • Hiking gear: l’équipement de randonnée
  • Sunglasses: les lunettes de soleil

Where do you want to go this summer?

  • Countryside: la campagne
  • To the sea: à la mer
  • In the mountains: à la montagne
  • Near the beach: près de la plage
  • With the sea view: vue sur la mer

How can you go there?

Make sure to check our blog post dedicated to traveling in France :

  • Taking the car: prendre la voiture
  • Driving: conduire
  • Taking the plane: prendre l’avion
  • Taking the train: prendre le train
  • Carpooling: faire du covoiturage
  • Taking the bus: prendre le car
  • Hitchhiking: faire du stop

Renestance wishes you ‘bonnes vacances!’

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