What is Renestance?

Renestance® proposes three main solutions to help you settle into, and enjoy to the fullest, your new life in the South of France.

We can provide: flexible, short-term lodging or long-term rentals on the Renestance® estate; property search services if you want to purchase, renovate or rent elsewhere; administrative assistance to help with all the paperwork involved with moving to a new country; guided excursions to help you get your bearings and discover the treasures of the area; stimulating activities to help you make friends and find people who share your interests.

With English-speaking staff on-hand to help with all the details of settling in, you can immediately sit back and relax.

Birds nest


Private apartment in an historic French estate, short-term and long-term rentals
Birds feeder


Assistance with administrative procedures and other functions
Birds bath


Activity and excursion organization to inspire the dynamic community of English-speaking retirees