This year can’t come to a close fast enough for many of us. Besides turmoil in our personal lives, some of us felt deeply shaken by public events in 2016, including losing many beloved celebrities. Although it can be tempting to just ring in the New Year and move on, it’s important to take stock at the this time. What didn’t work and why? How can we do better next year? Most importantly, what DID work? Take time to celebrate your successes…what’s the point if your success doesn’t bring you happiness? Here are some of the things we’re happy about at Renestance.

Setup for Success

As 2016 was the first full year of business for Renestance, the team spent a lot of time setting things up. We:

  • Published a blog in January about PUMa (French public health insurance) which received over 170 comments and established our expertise in Carte Vitale applications. One comment was from a Frenchman who thought our article had the best information on the topic, even compared to French sites!
  • Launched several services, such as Regional Reconnaissance, Lifeline Support, Residency Assistance, Micro-Entreprise Setup Assistance, Rental Search, and many others,
  • Implemented back-office systems to make it easier to follow-up with prospects and clients,
  • Created partnerships with several English-speaking professionals, like lawyers, accountants, insurance agents, bankers, medical professionals, French teachers, translators, investment managers, and realtors in other regions, and
  • Gathered a following on social media, and with our blog and newsletters.

Toot Toot and Cheers

Meanwhile, I spent about 600 hours during the year getting a Bachelors degree in French Real Estate, so that Renestance can provide property services. I hope you’ll allow me to toot my own horn a bit here, because the material was dense (law, regulations, construction techniques!), all in French, we had several presentations, projects, and a 30-page final report to turn in…and I earned the degree with honors. A lot of champagne was consumed celebrating that success, I can assure you!

Success! Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

It’s All About the People

Without a doubt, our proudest accomplishments have come from serving our new clients. Happily, over 70 of you came to us for assistance during the year! There was the English couple who would not have celebrated their September wedding in Nîmes without our involvement. The American retiree would not have dared to move to France in August without our New Nest package. A few non-Europeans might have had legal issues without our help renewing their expired Carte de Séjour. There was also the unplanned assistance to the English woman who called for information about a Carte Vitale and then mentioned that she hadn’t eaten in days and was too poorly to go buy groceries – we made several calls to find someone in her area to urgently deliver some meals.

Happy New Year!!

We hope to help many more of you realize your French dream life in 2017. Renestance has several more services on the launchpad to make YOUR 2017 a wild success. Best wishes from the team and me for a Happy New Year and Bonne Année!!

Dennelle Taylor Nizoux

Dennelle is the President of Renestance and a bilingual American who’s lived in France since 2000. She loves so many things about France, its language, culture, geography, quality of life... that she started a business to help others realize their dreams of living in this incredible place.

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