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Have you weighed the pros and cons and decided to move to France? Time to start making copies of paperwork, call the consulate, put the house for sale and nail down the logistics of your move. Renestance’s “Moving to France Checklist” includes our top ten things to do before moving day.

Top 10 things to do before moving to France

After the priority tasks you will want to make sure to take care of a few other essential details. Stock up on your favorite items that are hard to get here in France (your favorite brand of peanut butter, hot sauce, etc.) and don’t forget to throw yourself a good-bye party before moving day.

Natasha Freidus

Natasha Freidus was Renestance’s first blog editor and web content advisor. She is a consultant and trainer specialising in multimedia storytelling. You can learn more about her work at her website, Creative Narrations. Natasha moved to Roujan from Seattle in early 2013 with her husband and two children.

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