Renestance is delighted to be one of the experts giving information at this years Retire Overseas Conference – taking place online 22-25 September.

The event is designed to help you discover the world’s best towns, cities, and regions to live (warts and all).

Over four days you’ll get to know the world’s best places to live—”thin sliced” to exact places that could be your personal piece of paradise.

Of the 14 destinations selected, we will be (of course) talking about France… with the world’s best healthcare system, the world’s most beautiful city, and now, real estate more affordable than you might think, especially thanks to a weak euro.

We can tell you the best value destinations both within and outside of Paris… including the “other” (and more affordable) South of France…

Via high-definition video, you’ll see and hear from professionals, expats, and retirees who are already working, investing, or living in these places… all from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

You’ll be able to interact with speakers as well as your fellow readers via chatrooms and forums, along with a virtual ‘raise your hand’ option to ask your questions during discussions.

Kathleen Peddicord
Retire Overseas Conference MC and
Founding Publisher of Live and Invest Overseas

The event will give you a comprehensive, in-depth view of these places that outsiders and tourists simply don’t know.

This online event has two major objectives:

#1: To help you create a list of the best (for you) destinations overseas…

#2: To give you the knowledge, support, and contacts necessary to make a move with confidence—that is, to create a plan…

Get to know each of your best options for living well overseas—no matter your budget…

Discover the best places for health care, with excellent facilities and English-speaking doctors.

Find out how you can save thousands—tens of thousands—by buying properties on the local market…

See examples of comfortable apartments you can rent for less than US$500 per month…

Learn where the best investment markets are… and where you get a mortgage as a foreigner…

Whatever your agenda, you’ll end the event prepared and confident, with all of the practical matters at your fingertips. From residency to taxes, from banking to real estate, you’ll leave this conference ready to take action.

And, most importantly, you’ll benefit from the experience of those who have gone before you. At this conference, you’ll hear from more seasoned expats than you’ll find at any other event.

Plus, if you want to see the cities and properties firsthand, you can join one of the optional (virtual) real estate tours and see the lay of the land for yourself.

Register for the 2020 Retire Overseas Virtual Conference 22-25 September.

For a more in-depth look at life in France and how to live your French dream life, check-out our seminar and tours taking place in October 2020.

Dennelle Taylor Nizoux

Dennelle is the President of Renestance and a bilingual American who’s lived in France since 2000. She loves so many things about France, its language, culture, geography, quality of life... that she started a business to help others realize their dreams of living in this incredible place.

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