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In this article we take a quick look at events in the calendar for autumn, and some important reminders for property tax.

Events & Holidays

After la rentrée there are several events in our run up to the New Year!


20th: Taxe foncière due
24th: School holidays begin


1st: Public holiday
8th: Back to school
8th-9th: Renesting in France seminar
11th: Public holiday
18th: Beaujolais Nouveau day
20th: Taxe d’habitation due


18th: School holidays begin
25th: Public holiday

Notes about Tax

Once autumn arrives in France we’ll be reminded about taxes! There are three types of tax due, and most people who live in France or own property here will need to pay at least one of them.

Property tax

All property owners in France must pay the taxe foncière (property tax). Even if the property is being rented out to tenants, the payment needs to be made by 20 October 2021. You need to check your personal space on impots.gouv.fr as they no longer send out paper bills.

Occupancy tax

Taxe d’habitation (residence tax) is slowly being phased out. Higher earners will continue paying this occupancy tax until 2023. It will apply to second homes even beyond 2023. If you feel you should be exempt – check your status via this link.

The deadline for Taxe d’habitation is between 15 November and 15 December 2021, according to the case.

TV license

If you live in a home in France with a TV, regardless of whether you own or rent it, the redevance télé is payable. It costs €138 per household, regardless of how many TVs you own across how many properties, and figures on the taxe d’habitation bill. But even if you are not subjected to that tax, the TV license is still due by 20 November 2021. In some cases you may be exempt – check this link to see the conditions that may apply.

To find out if you have any tax bills outstanding, consult your account with https://www.impots.gouv.fr/portail If you have a question about tax in France, please contact us and we will connect you with one of our accounting experts.


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