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thinking of moving to France

You have already embarked on your French retirement adventure, and maybe you realize that you could use a little assistance, too:

  • You would prefer a home that requires less maintenance,
  • You would like to be car-free or decrease your need to drive regularly,
  • You are interested in growing your social circle,
  • You have medical issues and would welcome the reassurance of an advocate to help you navigate the French healthcare system and get the best care,
  • You would like some assistance (admin, language, domestic, etc.) to make everyday life easier.

Whatever you need to make your French retirement more dreamy, Renestance® can provide solutions and help you find them by sharing with others in your situation. You can move into the estate, come have some fun at the clubhouse, discover new places and people on outings, or get some help from an Administrative Assistance expert.

Soon, you’ll be able to check here for the calendar of activities and excursions and book them directly. If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact us and we’ll get back to you on short order. To learn more about how Renestance® can help your particular dream come true, please see the How can we help? section.

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