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“Autumn in France” Photo Contest

Thank you!

This first Renestance Photo Competition started last month has been amazing! 29 entries made their way into the contest gallery and some of you have submitted absolutely stunning Autumn shots in the region (you can click on the thumbnails at the end of the article to see the full pictures).

This month’s winner is Caro Blackwell, whose picture has been, as promised, featured on this month’s Renestance newsletter! Honorable mentions go out to Cherry Thatcher and Annabel Lee, whose pictures did very well despite not making it to first place.

Congratulations to Caro, Cherry and Annabel and thank you to all the others for participating! If you have not already, make sure to subscribe to Renestance newsletter to be informed of the beginning of the next photo competition. We are eager to see more of your art!

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