Have a perfect stay in France without speaking perfect French

If you’re an English-speaker envisioning an extended stay in France, Renestance® can help you realize that dream.

Whether you’re interested in experiencing life as a local (vs. a tourist) through a prolonged visit, are considering rebuilding your nest in France long-term, or are seeking to fit periods of French life into your overall plan, we can simplify the mission for you.

Renestance® provides assistance with lodging, information on daily life, learning French, administrative issues, tourism, and activities to pursue your interests and make friends.

Whether you are thinking of retiring to France or already living here – here’s how we can help:

  • short-term lodging
  • long-term rentals
  • property searches
  • administrative assistance
  • stimulating and social activities
  • personalized excursions and tours
  • French language learning
  • information on daily life and customs
Live your Retirement Dream in the South of France