Important changes to the tax declaration system in France (Part 2)

We published a blog last year (Should you be paying taxes in France?) about the ins and outs of paying taxes in France. Since then, new legislation has been introduced which means that changes are afoot! Here, we will briefly overview what these changes are, re-issue the general information in our previous blog and give you some helpful links to in-depth explanations of the changes.

Update: The importance of paying tax in France

With deadlines on the horizon this spring, we will be featuring a number of articles related to taxation in France and important changes to the declaration system in 2017.

Did you know that you may be required to complete an annual tax declaration if you are a legal resident in France?
Many of us expats do not, so in this article we will explain the ins and outs of paying taxes in France. We consider the criteria for becoming a tax resident, what types of revenue are subject to income tax, and provide you with information on how to register for the French tax system.

Plants that give a splash of winter color to a garden in France

This week’s blog is from an article by Katherine Forshaw, owner and garden guru at Le Jardin Perdu.   Katherine lives in the Corrèze and blogs about gardening, wildlife & wildflowers you’ll find in France throughout the seasons.  Here she lists 8 hardy plants to choose that will flower throughout the winter months and bring some color to those crisp and chilly days.