From Boat to Baguette

We first got to know Hettie when she found us on Google searching for advice for Australians in France. What we didn’t know at the time is that she is also a published author. We asked her about her latest book “From Boat to Baguette” and her desire to create a new ‘vie francaise’ in northern France.

Social Networking in Occitanie

One thing that has changed dramatically since my arrival in France is the advancement of online networking. Whilst the local mairie and the boulangerie are still an essential source of all local news and other fascinating information (ie. ‘gossip’!), online groups and forums have become an essential resource for almost every English speaker in France.

This is a list of links for some of the most popular anglophone groups for this region – I hope you find it useful.  If you know another group or forum that should be added, please do not hesitate to add it in the comments …!

10 Reasons to Buy a Property in France After Brexit

Last week the British government triggered Article 50 and the formal start of the Brexit process has begun. It’s a highly controversial subject and opinions have divided businesses, friends and even families.   Love or hate the EU, English artist and Francophile Barbara Walton in the Limousin gives 10 reasons why a new life in France could be your next best move.

Wine, wine! My kingdom for some wine …

How do you choose a good local wine when there are literally hundreds to choose from?   Over 4 years ago, Gregg Meesters turned from wine-drinker to wine-enthusiast and trained as a sommelier. He recently passed his WSET exam and gained the Languedoc-Roussillon Masters certificate.  We thought he’d be a good person to ask for a few tasting tips when it comes to discovering wines of this wonderful region.