A Week in the Life of Renestance’s Team

“I never know what she’s doing back there!” is one of Alex’s and my favorite movie quotes (do you remember it from Wedding Crashers?) and could reflect what many of you wonder about the Renestance team. As we all work from home offices, even our families sometimes suspect that we don’t ‘really work’. So I’m going to use this space to not only defend all of our efforts, but also to give you a glimpse behind the curtain at a typical week here at Renestance.

Life in France: Seminar 2017

Here at Renestance we love living in France, and we want you to, too! Our mission is to share knowledge and provide services that make your extended stay or new life here everything you dreamed of.  One thing we’d like to try  in 2017 is provide a social and informative seminar where you can talk to us and our partners, face to face, to get the information that you need.

In Shape for the Tour de Finance?

I first attended a Tour de Finance in Avignon back in 2013, partly because I liked the conference’s catchy name but also because I wanted to learn about smart ways to manage my money. This year I presented at their two conferences in Languedoc to inform the attendees about getting health coverage in France and also gave an overview of Renestance’s full-service re-nesting solutions.